To become a leading platform for youth who want to secure their future freedom spiritually and financially in the ever-changing environment.


To provide an avenue for the youth at St. Andrew’s Church Bukoto and those in Uganda to prepare financially for the future through saving and sharing ideas on sound investment platforms thus creating ventures that can transcend generations and contribute to the general welfare of youth in the country.


  1. To mobilize contribution from members by way of annual subscription and monthly savings to the investment club.
  2. To raise funds for investment in every possible way and invest the club funds in such ways as are financially profitable be it in buildings, manufacturing, art or other related ventures.
  3. To strengthen the spirit of togetherness among members through combined joint efforts towards productive ventures such as saving scheme and business projects.
  4. To advocate for programs that promote well being and development of members.
  5. To support the activities of the Youth Ministry at St. Andrew’s Church Bukoto by raising relatively a big amount of resources through the investment club.
  6. To do all such other things which are incidental or conducive to the attainment of the investment club objectives or any of them or the performance of its functions.


Membership to the investment club is eligible to any person of sound integrity who has attained 18 years and has fully paid up registration fees. Minors are not allowed to join the investment club.

A person seeking membership is required to make an application for admission giving their names, address and other particulars as specified in the application form for purpose of record keeping.

Membership fee and/or annual subscription fee is shs10, 000/= and non refundable.

Minimum monthly saving for any given member is shs10, 000/= for a period of 1 year without withdraws. Borrowing to members is apparently not applicable.


Kyeyune Ronald

Akiiki Steven

Kizito Elizabeth