Chosen Generation

Chosen Generation is a Christian Praise and Worship team comprising at St. Andrew’s Church Bukoto under the music committee ministry.

Chosen Generation started officially in 2003 as an English service praise and worship team of SACB.
Before 2003 Chosen Generation existed as an annual music and dancing team.
1996-2013 it was the Praise Team (Sunday school members) leading worship in English service led by Conny Nyadoye.

MISSION: Leading fellow Christians unceasingly in Praise and Worship Ministry.

VISION: To be a model group in uniting fellow Christians in ministry to guide them into God’s presence.

MOTTO: “Called and Chosen” (Matthew 22:14)


  1. To Usher the church in praise and worship

  2. To exploit and build talent in the youth

  3. To fellowship and encourage one another through “Chosen Home Fellowships.

  4. To help shape  good and upright morals in the youth

  5. To encourage members to participate  in different activities for the expansion of God’s kingdom, like outreaches to orphanage homes, remand home

  6. To give a sense of belonging to the youth.

Activities / Events

  1. Worship Evening (Good Friday)
  2. Worship Night (Independence Night)
  3. Meet and Sing Sessions


Mr. Sempija Patrick


Mr. Allan Wep

Vice Chairperson

Mr. Kibirige Timothy Mwesigwa

Music Director

Mr. Kabenge Patrick