St. Andrew’s Church Bukoto is an Evangelical Christ Centered Church founded on the truth of the word of God. Our vision is “A Christ Centered and Self-sustaining Church caring for the community” in regard to the Great Command.

Our Mission.

To realize a mission we exist to know Christ more and make him known by preaching and teaching the word of God nurturing believers while mobilizing resources for sustainability of the Church as well as the community.

Our Rallying cry

Our rallying cry as well as our slogan is that “We are fishers of men” taken from Matthew 4:19, with the view to make Christ Jesus the King among all men in obedience to the Great Commission, that we believe is Gods heart taken from Matthew 28:20. Among other organs of the St. Andrew’s has a vibrant Mission organ whose task is to coordinate various sub units under the organ.

Constitution of the Mission Organ

The Mission organ is constituted by various units of the Church that perform various tasks of the Church with a common purpose of bringing people to their God-given destinies in and through Christ Jesus our Lord. Those who lead the various units of these organs constitute the Mission organ of the St. Andrew’s Church of Uganda, Bukoto. The overall leader of this organ is Francis Kyotabona is the Mission Coordinator and represents the organ on the Parish Council, which is provides leadership oversight to the entire Church and is led by the Head of Laity Eng. Patrick Batumbya. The Mission Executive is constituted by the Chair to the organ, Mr. Kyotabona Francis, the vice Coordinator, Mrs.  Salome Mayanja and Secretary, Mr. Mwesige Gerald, who is also a member of the Parish Council.

Prayer and Intercession unit of the Church that is led by Bro. Josseous Nayebare, Bible Study led by Salome Mayanja, who also couples as the Ass. Mission Coordinator, Compassion, which is under Mr. Nsobya .., Mothers Union, under Prossy Byarugaba, Fathers Union, under Mr. Rwobushija, Christian Women, under Mrs Jennifer Lubega, Youth led by Habert Lumbuye, Children, under Rebecca Kataate, PALs (Partners in Love) under Mr. Patrick Katto, Fellowship of Believers under Brother Jason Turyahabwa.


Intercessions Ministry

This has played a very integral role in the Ministry of the Church. It has been the most consistent Ministry in the life of the Church. It has run before, during and after every blitz. Intercession has also soared with scope of every blitz as momentum has been built clearing and paving way for the blitzes and playing a supportive and coverage role for the blitzes. Several testimonies have been recorded during the blitzes as the Holy Spirit moved to meet the need of various people. During such seasons of blitz the water has often been deep and catches have been great threatening to tear our nets, the reason for the partnerships.

Follow up of New Believers.

The Lord continues to touch many lives as the gospel is preached in word and deed. Through Church services and various outreach forums. New believers are natured in new believers’ classes to build confidence help and help them in their Spiritual growth. These growth opportunities are evidenced by small groups. Through these we envisage leaders to lead small groups in the various zones of the Church where people emanate. These are later integrated into various other discipleship groups based on the age, profession and interests of different people that accept Jesus as their savior, and leading of the Spirit.


Despite the great things the Lord has done through this organ in conjunction with the other organs of the Church there is a lot still desired. The work of missions requires resources. We are still unable to get adequate resources for the work of missions. Our budgets are still over stretched. More conferences, materials and tools to teach God’s people are still lacking.   Alongside this is the challenge of leadership which still hampers effectiveness and efficiency.

The need is more need than the leaders readily available to do the work. Many Christians that would desire find themselves unable to provide time for the work of follow up and discipleship. “FAT” leaders are unavailable. Leaders that are Faithful, Available and Teachable. Discipleship requires serious commitment. We are yet to get committed men and women, leaders of integrity, leaders to lead leaders. Leaders who are committed to issues affecting the Church of Christ and who are reflective practioners of the word of God; who will lead Spiritual movements of prayer, evangelism and discipleship to see Christ raised up everywhere and lead to societal transformation.

Leaders ready to invest their T.I.M.E. Giving in Time for Kingdom business to the glory of God. Influencing people for Christ, through their platforms. Using their resources or Money (M) to serve God’s purpose by investing where neither moth nor rust can corrupt. Matthew 6:19-20. And using their Expertise to reveal Christ to the world. Their trainings, gifting and skills to serve Christ and his body. This is what brings real satisfaction and allows one to live a life of legacy. To this we are committed corporately and individually to the glory of God, as we depend on him.



Missions Coordinator

Mr. Francis Kyotabona has a passion for Mission & Evangelism. He is married to Mrs. Grace Kyotabona and they both work with a Christian organisation, Life Ministry teaching and spreading the word of God.


Mission Week 2019

Monday, St. Andrews Church Bukoto

New Church Grand Opening

Sunday, St. Andrews Church Bukoto

Youthquake Camp 2019/2020

Saturday, Hana International School