The church recognizes the fact that family is a core component in worship, hence establishment of these ministries. Organs in this category include Father’s Union, Mather’s Union, Partners in Love and Christian Women’s Fellowship.

Ven.Can. Michael and Mama Peace Mukhwana

Head Family Life Ministry

This organ includes all ladies form 14 years and above both married and single with the overall aim to build strong and spiritual Christian women. The organ holds weekly meetings, with a current average attendance of 50 members as compared to 15-20 during the past years

Mrs. Miriam Nviiri

Christian Women Fellowship director

A Marrieds’ Fellowship that was started in 2012 to foster biblical love and intimacy among SACB couples through the provision of mentorship and good interpersonal relationships.

Eng.Dr. Jotham & Hellen Sempewo
Eng.Dr. Jotham & Hellen Sempewo

Partners in Love director

Mothers’ Union is an international Christian membership charity that aims at demonstrating the Christian faith in action through the transformation of communities worldwide

Mrs. Joyce Nzaana
Mrs. Joyce Nzaana

Mothers' Union director