Children’s Ministry

This ministry has recently rebranded from “Sunday school” to “Children’s Church”. The ministry is open to all children. Sunday classes are split into different age groups namely Cherub class for children in nursery class and below, Angel class (P1-P3), Truth Finders’ class (P4-P5) and the Harvest class for children in P6 and above.


  1. The gospel was preached to the children and there is evidence of growth in the Children’s Church.
  2. Mary Kiwumulo, one of the teachers introduced a Ballet class for children which are well attended.
  3. The ministry managed to acquire 150 pieces of children’s T-shirts and other costumes.
  4. All classes were held throughout the year as planned i.e. there was no Sunday the children missed a service for any reason.
  5. The ministry recruited and registered new teachers, improving the children-teacher ratio.

Ms. Rebecca Kataate

Children Worker