St. Andrews Church Bukoto owes its growth and vision to a Godly and effective structure, where church governance is carried out by a team of God-fearing men and women. The leadership is responsible for the general oversight of the church and its ministries.

Parish Council

This is the supreme governing body of St. Andrew’s church Bukoto and is headed by the Vicar. It is composed of elected members and nominees from the congregation from all the church services and direct representatives from the heads of church organs/ministries.

Pastoral Team

This team includes all the clergies, Lay leader, youth pastors, Ordinands among other members and the main role is to provide spiritual guidance to the church, arrange the liturgy and others.

Ven.Can. Michael Mukhwana

Archdeacon / Vicar

Rev. Patricia Laaki Achipa

Assistant Vicar

Rev. Ebed Mwizerwa

Associate Vicar

Rev. Eleanor Kiconco

Associate Vicar

Rev. Justus Miwanda

Associate VIcar

Mr. Geoffrey Twebaze

Lay Reader

The Executive Committee

This committee performs, executes and oversees over all the church activities and duties and obligations owed to the Mother Diocese. The executive is composed of the Parish Peoples’ Warden/Head of Laity, Treasurer, Secretary, Vicar’s Warden and the Vicar.  This committee includes all church bank signatories.

Eng. Patrick Batumbya

People's Warden / Head of Laity

Mr. Christopher Bumpenje

Parish Treasurer

Mr. Steven Zimula

Parish Council Secretary

Prince James Tebandeke

Vicar's Warden

Ven.Can. Michael Mukhwana

Archdeacon / Vicar

This committee is charged with the task of building the new sanctuary. Steady progress has been registered over time and tremendous results are visible.

Owek. James Wasula

Building Committee director

This Committee focuses on caring for the needy and performing compassionate activities for the sick and the grieved

Mr. G.W.K. Nsobya

Compassion Committee director

The Stewardship Committee is in charge of financial reporting (weekly, quarterly and annual) and security of church assets (Properties and Estates).

Mrs. Juliet Kaggwa

Stewardship Committee director