New Here?A quick overview!


Archdeacon/Vicar: Ven.Canon Michael Mukhwana, Asst.Vicar: Rev. Patricia Laaki Achipa, Assoc.Vicar: Rev. Ebed Mwizerwa, Rev. Eleanor Kiconco, Rev. Justus Miwanda Njagala, Head  of Laity: Eng. Patrick Batumbya, Parish Council Secretary: Mr. Steven Zimula, Parish Treasurer: Mr. Christopher Bumpenje, Vicar’s Warden: Prince James Tebandeke

Service Times and Days

  • English Service (7:30am)
  • Luganda Service (9:30am)
  • English Service (11:30am)
  • Runyakitara Service (2:00pm)
  • Midweek Service (Wednesday 5:30pm)
  • Morning Glory (Thursday 6:00am)
  • Monthly Overnight (Every last friday of the month 9pm)

Our Location

We are located in Bukoto along Kira road, opposite Kabira Country Club.